Not A Franchise is a directory where you can find small businesses of all kinds.

It is also a crowd sourced review forum where people offer honest opinions about their experiences.

Each business owner can set up a free account to create a listing for their company and get immediate online exposure.

The business owner or manager can also pay for premium listings, which puts them on the front page or at the top of their category page for specified periods.

Premium listing status does not in any way effect the reviews for a listing and paid listing owners can never change their reviews. is also a place for you, the business owner, to tell the world what you do.

Each business owner can set up their own account to post photos and exchange messages with their customers.

Your profile allows you to create demand for your business.  You can convey exactly what is unique about your products or services, places images, create coupons and bring your business to people searching online.

Not A Franchise was created to help people find great nearby non-franchise businesses of any kind.

The web app provides listings and reviews for any non-franchised endeavours.

Just use the ‘Add a listing’ button and your business will be added to the directory within hours.

*Note: When adding your listing give some thought to specific search terms related to you. Add these terms either in the title of the listing or somewhere in the ‘tags’ and ‘category’ content to ensure maximum exposure in search results.

The keywords you will choose for your profile will be matched to the words customers enter into search engines. Your business ranks higher because helps get your unique keywords picked up by search engines.

Let’s give small business a chance.